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Alexis Dupont is a French interior designer/decorator based in Hong Kong. His namesake firm specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects with a focus on furniture. We are drawn to the quality of calm his work exudes, his subtle use of said collectible furniture (it's never in your face), and how he thoughtfully positions his client's art collections. From French hotels to pads on the Peak, Alexis brings his fresh perspective to some of the world's most standout properties. However, his aesthetic talents are not limited to interiors - they extend to graphic design and brand identity as well. Alexis has worked his magic for many important clients, including, ahem, Permanent Resident. As his Instagram can attest, Alexis is the young designer to watch in Hong Kong.

Installing at Chateau de Fiac

Alexis Dupont by Amanda Kho

A stair moment at Chateau de Fiac

Alexis Dupont Interiors Pierre Augustin Rose Boucle Chair and Pouf Paavo Tynell Floor Lamps Les Editions de Tapis Rug

Alexis Dupont Interiors: May Residence


Alexis' work shot by Common Studio

From Intern to Boss To a Studio

A moment that changed the trajectory of your career: I moved to NYC right after the degree in interior architecture I did in France. At the time, I was also very interested in graphic design and branding and did an internship at a lifestyle magazine in NYC. After 2 weeks, they fired my boss and asked me to replace her… I said yes and directly worked on the next issue with Alicia Keys on the cover. That was such a good example of the American dream…

Your favorite spot at home: I recently got a workspace upstairs from my apartment. It is as a proper studio - I used to work from my apartment - and I love it. I also love the fact that it’s the shortest commute. We painted the floors in a glossy pink tint that gives everyone a good mood everyday no matter what!

Alexis Dupont Interiors May Residence Claude Lalanne Mirror Serge Mouille Wall Lamps Claude Lalanne Coffee Table Oliver Gustav Sofa Vintage Pierre Jeanneret Armchairs

Alexis Dupont Interiors: May Residence Living Room

Your dream dinner party guest list, dead or alive: I would like to invite some of my favorite decorators to share some potatoes (topped with sour cream and caviar): Jean Michel Frank, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, Andrée Putman, Jacques Garcia and Michael Bargo.

Read, Watch, Listen

The last thing you read and loved: I’m almost done with the biography The Last Maharajah of Indore - the story is fascinating as it’s a mix of east and west, the Art Deco period, and travels around the world. He was a visionaire and had amazing taste in terms of design, furniture and art; this type of story couldn’t exist anymore.

The last thing you watched and loved: I love anything A24 and always looking forward to seeing these awkwardly beautiful and meaningful shows and movies. Recently watched Beef (Netflix) where I loved all the design references and Aftersun (Amazon Prime) which I found quite powerful. I’m waiting for the next season of Euphoria (HBO) indeed and to see where Rue is going.

Last thing you listened to and loved: I’m not a huge podcast person but when I find good ones I love them. That’s what happened when I discovered The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein. I love all the design stories and interviews he shares. 

Rue in Euphoria Close Up Carnival

Rue in Euphoria, Credit: HBO

The Last Maharaja of Indore Book French Still Life with Green Leather Notebook and Pencil

The Last Maharajah of Indore

Neutral Living Room in Repulse Bay by Alexis Dupont Interiors

Alexis Dupont Interiors: Repulse Bay Residence

The Magistracy Terrace Bistro Chairs White Linen tablecloth Decorative Umbrellas

The Magistracy

Hara Kako Coffee Shop Interior Sheung Wan Hong Kong

Hara Kako

Around Town
Hong Kong Hits

Your daily rituals: Walking my dog in the morning allows me to have some personal time to review my day and/or list my tasks. I like to grab my iced oat milk latte at Hara Kako on our morning walks, or if in the evening I usually also call my parents to check on them. (Side note from the PR Team: Can our sons please grow up to be like Alexis!)

Your favorite building or landmark in Hong Kong: For dinner or drinks I often meet friends at The Magistracy in Tai Kwun. For me, Tai Kwun is such a good epicenter for Hong Kong in terms of culture and lifestyle. I think this newish restaurant is the hidden gem we all needed - it’s such a nice landmark to show to international travelers stopping by. It’s so rich with its history and I love the new interiors by Joyce Wang.

The last gift you received: I recently helped the brand Culti Milano with their first Asian flagship on Hollywood road. The team gifted me some of their products and the scents are great - they’re simple yet refined and last for a long time. Their diffusers are iconic and I love their timeless design. My favorite scents are irises and rosa pura.

A dining room in Repulse Bay by Alexis

Alexis with our Belvedere Bar Cart

The dining room of May Residence

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