Cherie Yip of The Spring is Here

Cherie Yip is the founder The Spring Is Here, a floral studio based in Hong Kong, that does project-based work brands, stores, and events. She has been hired by the likes of Marni, Louis Vuitton, MatchesFashion, and Joyce to bring their flora and fauna dreams to life. We started seeing Cherie's work around town and fell for her irreverent, material-based designs. Her arrangements exude both dynamic movement and stillness simultaneously. Fashion brands, art institutions, and brides have Cherie's calendar very booked up, but she always manages to make time to fit us in. Most importantly, her designs adorned our first ever photo shoot at Haw Par Mansion. Cherie loves botanics, nature, and landscapes, and is, at the same time, obsessed with architecture, interior and graphic designs. Her diverse inspirations create beautiful results. A naturally shy artist, we begged Cherie to share some of her world with us. Eventually she gave in, just in time for her to relocate to London. Trust us when we say that Hong Kong's loss is London's gain and we are wishing her lots of luck with her big move. We think you will find her story just as interesting as we do.

Cherie Yip

Cherie Yip The Spring is Here Floral Arrangement Haw Par Mansion Marble Fireplace Onyx Fruit Bowel Hydrangea Rose Grapes

Permanent Resident Shoot at
Haw Par Mansion

Cherie Yip The Spring is Here Floral Arrangement Purple

Cherie's sculptural work

Behind the Design

A moment that changed the trajectory of your career: After finishing my BA degree in Illustration, I worked as a graphic designer for years and then I changed my path into the fashion industry. I was alway seeking for the field that fit my belief but it seems that ‘Fast Fashion’ wasn't the right choice. And then occasionally I met floristry and fell in love with it. I am obsessed with the unpredictable and enjoy creating with its limitations. I found it very interesting to design with nature, and have kept on doing it until now.

The last thing you read or listened to: I used to be a book-lover when I was younger, but it seems that I took all the energy into my floristry business these years and I barely read anything since then. I usually look for ideas and references on the internet as I am mostly visual-driven. I am infamous for not listening to any music! Maybe a bit weird but I don’t feel the need for music, I am a musical anhedonia.

What do you collect: I started to collect and thrift colourful glass vases two years ago, from the internet and some old local grocery stores. The collection is not very large as they are quite difficult to find. I usually keep them in my studio so that they are handy if I feel like using any with my arrangements.

An Exhibit and A Video Series

The last cultural happening you attended: I went to the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at M+ Museum which was the largest retrospective of the artist in Asia outside Japan and featured more than 200 works. As some of you might know, we did botanical sculpture workshops inspired by Kusama with M+. I was so flattered to have the curators from M+ to give me a special quick private tour, but after I went back with my boyfriend to spend more time on each of the works.

The last thing you watched and loved: The last thing I saw was the YouTube channel ‘GQ Taiwan - Tech Support’. They invite all kinds of professional experts to answer questions from the internet about their field - very information and interesting. Highly recommended.

The Spring is Here Floral Workshop at M+ Museum

The Spring is Here
Workshop at M+

Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now at M+

Yayoi Kusama:
1945 to Now at M+

Pink tablescape with ombre pink flame stitch tablecloth, contrasting white linen scallop placemats and handmade pink glass plates.

Cherie's work at our Cipriani Hong Kong photo shoot

Central Market Hong Kong Exterior

Central Market, Hong Kong

quail egg siu mai dim sum

Cherie's Favorite
quail egg siu mai

Around Town
Hong Kong Hits

The Hong Kong meal you crave: I love dim sum and especially the ‘quail egg siu mai’! The smell of dim sum reminds me of my Grandad, who always brought us to the local restaurant for dim sum every time he came to visit us when I was a child.

Your favorite building or landmark in Hong Kong: I love all the Bauhaus architecture in HK! Such as: Hong Kong City Hall, Central Market, The Garden Company building, etc. Love the minimal form, the extreme functionality and simplicity.

The last item you purchased for your home: The Byredo x Laila Gohar salt shaker and napkins. Gohar is one of my favourite food stylist/artists who has mind-blowing and innovative creativity! The collection was launched online and everything was gone in like two minutes! I was lucky enough to see them still available in the Byredo Causeway Bay store and I just needed to bring them home.

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