Three Moms' Gift Picks To Save Your Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we dialed up a few of our most fabulous 'mom friends' for inspiration on where to go, what to do, and most importantly - what to gift. Celebrating on this day is a chance to stop and reflect on how all the mother figures in your life contribute, from caretaking to mentoring - but is also a great opportunity to drink champagne at lunch!

Malabar Baby
1. Anjali Harjani

Anjali is the founder of Malabar Baby, a collection of baby wear which seamlessly combines high quality natural Indian cotton fabrics, traditional artisanal craftsmanship and a timelessly pleasing design sensibility. It's also what we give all new moms. This holiday, consider their Women's Loungewear PJ Set for a foolproof gift.

Who are you celebrating on Mother’s Day? My favorite people in Hong Kong! My son Aryan, my hubby, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. We are a small family and we celebrate all the big and small milestones together. It’s always wholesome but full of bubbles!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? I am looking forward to sleeping in and waking up to enjoy some yummy treats baked by my son, followed by a delightful yum cha at Duddell’s.

⁠Best Mother’s Day gift you've ever given? A stay at The Upper House - to myself.

Caelum Greene
2. Charlotte Tsuei

Charlotte is the founder of Caelum Greene, a multi-brand athleisure and lifestyle fashion concept designed for the modern-day mindful consumer. The company is committed to a greener, more sustainable and community-minded future for fashion without compromising on style and quality. Might we suggest a yoga mat upgrade from Charlotte's site - in one of our favorite motifs, marble - as a no fail gift this year?

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is always a bit tricky for us since both my birthday and my husband's birthday fall in May. The entire month turns into a big family celebration. This year, we’ve planned a walk on the Peak and lunch at The Lookout with our full clan: my husband Greg, our children Isabelle and Isaac, the little bun in the oven, and our dog, Pepper. Based on past experiences, I am also expecting some delightful, unplanned surprises.

The best Mother’s Day gift you've ever received: The best Mother’s Day gift for me is simply the joys of motherhood. I love how excited the kids get about celebrating this day. Every Mother’s Day so far, I’ve been able to sleep in and wake up without an alarm, greeted by the sounds of the kids giggling and the pitter-patter of their feet as they busily set up their “surprise” for me to discover. One year, they organized a “picnic” on the balcony complete with my favourite flowers and a brunch spread. Another year, it was homemade cupcakes, more flowers (clearly, mommy loves blooms!), and the most adorable song and dance “performance”.

Describe your perfect Mother’s Day: My idea of a perfect Mother's Day is simply spending time with my family and creating lasting memories with the kids. This could be a day out exploring Hong Kong's beaches on Lottie, our sailboat, a magical day at Disneyland (I adore Disneyland, and our visits are as delightful for me as they are for them), or a cosy day at home with my favourite foods and board games.

The Happy Space
3. Nassim Secci

Nassim is the founder of The Happy Space, a professional organizing company whose services create functional and beautiful spaces for busy Hong Kong professionals and their families. Might we suggest gifting their Happy Kids service for the ultimate parental perk?

Who are you celebrating on Mother’s Day? My mother - she sadly passed away almost a decade ago. But also my mom’s best friend and my mother-in-law who do what they can to fill her shoes. 

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask my husband!

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? Every year my husband writes me a letter from our kids.  It’s from their perspective but in his voice and it makes me cry every year.  

Best Mother’s Day gift you've ever received? A Van Cleef & Arpels necklace. I love handwritten letters but who doesn’t also love jewelry? 

Best Mother’s Day gift you've ever given? The gift of travel together – those are some of the best memories with my mom.


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