Furniture Delivery Terms

Thank you for ordering furniture on Permanent Resident’s (“Permanent Resident”, “we” or “us”) Hong Kong SAR website (on (the “Site”). Permanent Resident shall deliver a furniture Item purchased pursuant to this Agreement to the delivery location specified on the date specified. By ordering furniture from us, you agree to these Furniture Delivery Terms and the Terms of Service

Delivery Location

A delivery location must be within the service area set forth on the Site (the 'Current Service Area') as of the day this Agreement is executed. The Current Service Area is Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. If a delivery location is outside the Current Service Area, this Agreement shall be voidable by Permanent Resident before such delivery by Permanent Resident providing written notice of the same to you. If your location is outside the Current Service Area, you have to option to pick up your item at our warehouse.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

You may cancel or reschedule a Delivery Date at any time prior to 5:00 PM local time 2 days prior to the scheduled Delivery Date. For example, if you schedule a Delivery Date on a Thursday, in order to cancel that Delivery Date, you must notify Permanent Resident no later than 5:00 PM local time on Tuesday.

Delivery Specifics

It is your responsibility to provide Permanent Resident with all material information relevant to the delivery of an Item, regardless of whether the questions on the Site specifically ask for that information. While Permanent Resident has done its best to ask for all of the information that is likely to be important about an item’s delivery, and if any important information about the delivery is not specifically requested by the Site, it is your responsibility to proactively, and in a timely, accurate and complete fashion, inform Permanent Resident of that information.

Aborted Deliveries & Associated Fees

If a scheduled delivery is not completed because of something you do or fail to do, you will still be charged all Delivery Fees in relation to your appointment. For example, if you fail to cancel a Delivery Time by 5:00 PM local time 2 days prior to the scheduled Delivery Date, or if Permanent Resident is unable to deliver an Item because you did not accurately describe the delivery location or include all necessary delivery details when arranging for the delivery of an Item (such as failing to indicate that there is no elevator in the building when the delivery is to an upper floor), Permanent Resident would have the right to charge the Customer all item-based Delivery Fees. These Delivery Fees include but are not limited to, the original delivery fee times two (attempted delivery and return to our warehouse) plus a $500 HKD restocking fee. The order will be considered cancelled within one business day of the attempted delivery and you will be refunded for your order less the fees described above. If you wish to retain your order, you must contact us within one business day of the attempted delivery, at which time we will send you an additional invoice consisting of the return delivery cost and a new delivery fee. If this invoice is not paid within two business days of issuing, the order will once again be cancelled and you will be refunded for your order less the fees described above. Permanent Resident will not deliver an Item until your payment of all Fees for such Item has been successfully processed and confirmed.