What We Accept

We Accept for our Upcycled collection:

- Fully upholstered sofas and sectionals.

- Fully upholstered chairs and benches.

- Fully upholstered ottomans and footstools.

We Accept for our Preowned collection:

- Designer or collectable furniture of any kind barring media consoles and oversized or fragile pieces which would require special handling.

- Designer or collectible lighting.

- Exceptional vintage or heirloom furniture and decor.

- Exceptional handmade furniture and decor.

- Exceptional rugs.

Conditions of Acceptance:

- This service is open to buyers and sellers in Hong Kong only. We do not accept international submissions.

- If an upholstered piece has visible metal or wood framework or attached legs, those materials must be in pristine condition as we are unable to refurbish them. Certain screw on metal or wood legs can be replaced and are acceptable if not pristine.

- The item must be in Pristine-to-Good condition for our Upcycling collection and Pristine-to-Very Good for our Preowned collection.

- The item aesthetically fits our brand thus appealing to our customer, further ensuring a final sale.

- We have enough available storage space for the item.

- Original invoices and authentication paperwork are highly encouraged. Providing these documents can improve your item's final sale price.

- We do not currently ship furniture internationally through our regular checkout process. If you are an international shopper and you find a piece you can't live without, please contact us for custom shipping solutions.

We Do Not Accept:

- Good-to-poor condition upholstered sofas, sectionals, chairs, benches, ottomans and footstools. If your item is damaged, soiled, or needs deep cleaning, please do not submit it.

- Bed frames, headboards, mattresses, boxsprings, bunk beds, bedding materials, and sleepers sofas with mattresses included.

- Cribs, bassinets, and changing tables.

- Outdoor furniture.

- Generic or mass-market dining tables, dining chairs, buffets, dish cabinets, media cabinets, media consoles, sideboards, lighting, rugs or artwork.

- Fast furniture, including items from retailers such as IKEA, Decor8, Stockroom, Sofa Sale, and the like, or any discount stores.

- Any furniture made of composite materials.

- Imitation designer furniture or lighting. 

- Damaged or structurally compromised items, items with missing pieces, disassembled items or items that were part of a recall.

- Items with stains, scratches and general wear.