Caviar Dreams

Perhaps fueled by the 'life is short' lessons of Covid, caviar is now leading the appetizer rotation at dinner parties around town. Previously thought of as a celebratory treat reserved only for special occasions, it is increasingly being served in bulk, on weekdays, and with casual fare. Caviar is one delicacy that is actually good for you to boot - its rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein, selenium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12 and B2. We sprinkle it with delicate pieces of gold leaf for an extra dose of drama.

Lily Juliet Caviar Dish CreArt Champagne Glass Vintage Barware
To Serve
The Spread

Not to knock the blini, but lately we have preferred our caviar globbed on to potato chips. Serve with all the usual accoutrements, and make sure your crisps are the very quotidien Lays brand - or any alternative that is thin, wide, a touch oily and a lot salty. Even more popular right now is the 'caviar bump' with a connotation that doesn't require and a full explanation here yet derives from nightlife - use your imagination! Simply spoon the caviar directly on to your hand, on the fleshy part of your fist between your first finger and thumb. Bring directly to your mouth to eat for a high protein, low cal treat. Our purveyor of choice is NOMAD Caviar, a Hong Kong-based brand offering sustainably farmed sturgeon eggs via two options - the full-flavored Kaluga Hybrid with a bold minerality, and Ossetra, a complex, versatile and robust option.

Lily Juliet Round Tortoise Caviar Dish with Gold Topped Nomad Caviar Mother of Pearl Spoon Aurora Festive Tablecloth by Permanent Resident

To Drink
Perfect Pairs

Champagne and caviar are a time-honored combination for good reason. This drink's dryness (pro tip, try a brut or extra brut) and bursting bubbles complement caviar's salty, buttery texture. We asked local Hong Kong wine merchant Mandy Chan of Ginsberg+Chan to expand upon this idea. "Wine pairing is not a science so have fun with it and be stylish about your choice. That said, a modern choice would be a grower champagne - pick a dry option to cut through caviar's oil. The most decadent pairing is, without a doubt, a vintage champagne. I prefer one that has a bit of body and isn’t too brioche like. Ask your wine merchant to help.
Remember to always match your stemware with your choice of champagne - in this case if you’re serving a vintage don’t select a flute or coupe. Use a white wine glass instead, and style your table with a gorgeous champagne bucket." We would be remiss to not mention a vodka pairing. The strong, neutral taste of vodka doesn't interrupt the oily, creamy or crunchy flavor of the caviar, especially when served super chilled. Acting like a palate cleanser, this spirit also helps get the party started.

Resin and Shell White Caviar Dishes and Champagne Bucket in Ivory by Lily Juliet
Lily_ Juliet Caviar Dish with mound of caviar Creart Champagne Glass Ruinart Champagne in Vintage Ice Bucket Haw Par Mansion

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