Circular Guarantee

What is the Circular Guarantee?

Our Circular Guarantee ensures that as many of our products as possible have a second (or in some cases, third!) life. We see the collections we produce, particularly our Rattan Collection, as a modern heirloom to be passed down to family or loved ones through generations. However, we know circumstances change, and many people move, relocate or redecorate. If you no longer wish to keep a product eligible under our Circular Guarantee, we will take the item back, picked up free of charge. We will add the item to our Preowned Collection and you will be paid a commission if and when it sells.  

How do I know if a product is eligible for the Circular Guarantee?

Each product page notes the item's eligibility for the Circular Guarantee. We have added as many products as possible to our guarantee. Eligibility means we aim to take the item back, damage and other extenuating circumstances may alter the item's eligibility. 

What if the eligible product is damaged?

If the item is damaged or shows excessive wear, please do not submit it for our Circular Guarantee. This guarantee extends to items in good-to-pristine condition.

How is the Circular Guarantee different than a return?

Our Circular Guarantee was developed to give you long term peace of mind on your orders with us. Our product pages and Shipping & Returns page list everything you need to know about standard returns. However, if you no longer wish to keep an eligible item after the associated short term return window has expired, our Circular Guarantee attempts to cover the long term. 

How do I submit an item for the Circular Guarantee?

Please use our standard Sell With Us form to submit your item. 

When will my item be picked up, how much will I be paid and when will I receive payment?

All details pertaining to pickups, procedures, and payments can be found in our Seller FAQs