Easy Easter
Spring has finally sprung, and we are here for it! There are so many occasions to gather around the table and share a meal this season, preferably in pastel perfection.
The Year of the Dragon
As we enter this Year of the Dragon, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity. To celebrate the occasion, we designed new a table linens pattern and curated a selection of this year's lucky colors to bring good fortune into your home. 
Three Cocktail Recipes from Hong Kong's Best Bars
We asked three of our favorite boîtes, - The Aubrey, Bar Leone, and Salisterra - to share easy at-home aperitif recipes you can co-opt for your for cocktail party. Cheers!
Caviar Dreams
Perhaps fueled by the 'life is short lessons' of Covid, caviar is coming to the forefront of the dinner party appetizer rotation. Grab a Mother of pearl spoon and dig in with us. 
Tablescaping Tips & Tricks
As you know, here at Permanent Resident we believe that more is more. Let's break down how to layer a tabletop for a high-impact, guest-pleasing visual display.